We lick your dough into shape!

Dear bakers,

Have you experienced that very special moment? The oven timer rings, the oven door is opened and this delicious fragrance comes wafting out towards you. We at LARES Blechwarenfabrikation tinware factory are the masters when it comes to providing these perfect moments, with our extensive range of gateau rings, cookie cutters, baking frames, Springerle moulds and many more products for baking and preserving. Because we know that not only is it crucial to have the right recipe but also to have the right equipment. We are convinced that we have the ideal solutions for professional bakers and for people who enjoy baking as a hobby – and also for retailers who still want to provide their customers with products representing superior craftsmanship and great value for money.

The quality of LARES products is quality that can be relied on – and has been relied on for over 70 years. All our stainless steel and tinplate products are made in Germany and in many cases are still traditionally handcrafted. Each product is carefully checked to ensure that it meets the high standards and will last for many years, proving easy to use and providing reliable results you can really enjoy after baking.

Come and be inspired and enjoy your visit!

Our stainless steel and tinplate products are manufactured at our base in Baden-Württemberg, and in some cases are still traditionally handcrafted. And have been since 1948.

Baking without a base

All-rounders with many sides – our stainless steel forms:

Baking without a base is very popular. One of the main reasons is the extra freedom you have in designing cakes and gateaux. LARES has the equipment you need for this, such as classic gateau rings, frames in the shape of flowers, hearts and animals, and frames which can be adjusted to any size – oval, round, square and rectangular.

Cutting-edge products – our cake-cutting wires:

Our innovative cake-cutting wire is a reliable aid which makes it easier to cut multiple layers for cakes and gateaux by hand. The height-adjustable blade is suitable for round, square and rectangular bases alike and delivers a precise cut. It can easily be dismantled and the parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Always in great shape – our gateau ring with clamping lever:

This gateau ring made by LARES is not only adjustable in size but it also has a patented clamping lever which is designed to lock the ring in place with a click. The ring stays firmly in position and retains its shape. This makes baking without a base even more fun. The gateau ring is heat-resistant up to 200 °C and dishwasher-safe.

Baking with heart and soul

Always a nice surprise

Home-baked gifts are always welcome. LARES has a large selection of baking frames in different shapes for various occasions, whether a lucky shamrock, a flower for Valentine’s Day or a love heart for Mother’s Day. We have also thought about the sizes, so when you use our baking frames you won’t have to convert the quantities for the base and filling in the recipes.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

And if your sweetheart doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you can also use our food shapers to make savoury dishes look great. The fried egg for breakfast is a feast for the eyes and makes a lovely greeting on Father’s Day, for example, making a nice start to this special day for dad.

For perfect shape & surface finish

The LARES dough scraper complete with ruler is made of stainless steel and can make any cake perfectly presentable before decorating it. It makes light work of removing residues and adds a smooth finish to frosting and icing. It does not have rounded corners therefore you can get a beautiful edge where the cake sits on the plate.

In the Christmas bakery

Time for tradition

Christmas time is cookie time! And everyone has their favourite. Made in Germany, the LARES range of reasonably priced cookie cutters is perfect for everyone who loves a wide variety of Christmas biscuits in countless shapes and sizes. The edges are designed to make cutting even easier and to help the biscuits hold their shape while baking.

Time for classics

If you make first-class cakes and pastries, you will also stumble across many creative baking ideas. We have gathered together the best ones and put them online for you. How about divine jam-filled cookies or a tasty tart? Here at LARES you will find many mouth-watering ideas which will inspire you to conjure up exquisite bakes.

Time for Springerle biscuits

The Swabian aniseed-flavoured Advent treats used to be the reserve of high society because of their expensive ingredients but now they can be enjoyed by all lovers of artisan biscuits. Our LARES Springerle sets consist of mould, cutter and practical recipe booklet for successful results with these fine and beautiful designs.

Time for Christmas stollen

No cake captures the spirit of Christmas quite as much as a fragrant stollen. There are countless delicious varieties on the theme for Christmas. The classic with sultanas or delicious versions with poppy seeds and marzipan filling are just a few of the suggestions you will find among the inspirational ideas here at LARES.

Time for family

The Christmas season is ideal for family baking sessions. Children really love joining in and rolling out the dough – because it’s exciting, because they can try so many things out and, of course, because there’s plenty of sampling on the job. The products in the LARES children’s baking kit are made of high-quality wood. The kit has everything your little bakers need, from the wooden spoon to the little rolling pin.