Stainless steel baking tray with extendible arms

Product no: 6300

• Wave-shaped perforations allowing heat and air to circulate to optimum effect during baking
• Designed for use on both sides
• Stainless steel
• Dishwasher-safe
• Baking tray designed to hold gateau rings and baking frames with a reusable liner or baking paper as a base
• Baking tray is not clamped in place and therefore does not warp during baking
• Resistant to fruit acid
• Crispier pizza base and tarte flambée thanks to perforations
• Naturally also suitable for bread, rolls and other baked goods
• sults, preventing uneven rising
• Also suitable for use as a cooling tray and can even be placed in the freezer
• With side arms extending from 39 cm to 47.5 cm, suitable for many types of oven
• Size of baking surface: 32 x 37 cm
• Made in Germany

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