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Blechwarenfabrikation GmbH
Felix-Wankel-Str. 7
74915 Waibstadt
Tel.: 0049 7263 4009818
Fax: 0049 7263 4009819

LARES Blechwarenfabrikation GmbH - a strong business partner

LARES Blechwarenfabrikation GmbH was set up back in 1948 by Hugo Lares and later handed down to Horst Lares. The company was taken over by Jürgen Rasig in 2010. Today all the tinplate and stainless steel products are still made entirely at the LARES Blechwarenfabrikation GmbH site in Meckesheim in the area around Mannheim known as the Electoral Palatinate. Many articles are still made by hand in the traditional way which shows in the exceptional quality of the products. Trust is the most important basis for everything in life. It is our view, therefore, that trust is also the most important foundation for our relations with customers and suppliers. Most of our business connections have existed for many years and decades and have stood the test of time on this simple basic principle. No two people or situations are entirely alike in terms of their needs and requirements. That is why we place such great emphasis on individual customer service with a view to meeting the specific requirements in any given case. LARES Blechwarenfabrikation GmbH is proud of the distinctive clarity and convenience of its product range. Customers will find timeless classics and useful products in our range which represent good value for money. As manufacturers of high-quality tinplate and stainless steel products, we sell exclusively to wholesale traders, specialist retailers and distributors only. LARES Blechwarenfabrikation GmbH does not supply end customers directly.

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